Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_1.21.16_PM.pngThe LA-Más team is excited to be designing the marker system for the Frogtown Artwalk, for the third year in a row. LA-Más is a Frogtown based urban design non-profit that uses policy and architecture to create community impact. We envision a world where city growth is sustainable, inclusive, and self-directed. Our mission is to elevate local models of growth  to help neighborhoods in transition. We aspire to...

Bowtie1.jpgFrom July 16 to August 14, the City of Los Angeles will be “transformed by site-specific contemporary art and programming during CURRENT:LA Water Public Art Biennial”*. The 10th annual Frogtown Artwalk on August 13, 2016 is proud to be an official participant in the biennial.

CURRENT:LA Water will establish the first public art biennial for the city of Los Angeles. The event is sponsored in part by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge, created to “….support innovative temporary public art projects that enhance the vibrancy of cities.”*

Now available via Cactus Gallery (3001 N. Coolidge) or during the artwalk on August 13 at the EVAC info booth! You can purchase yours today HERE and pick up at Cactus Gallery during their open hours. 

Designed by Patricia Krebs, here's what she had to say: "Over the last couple of years of my coming and going to Cactus Gallery in Frogtown, I became familiar with the neighborhood. I walked the path along the river from Fletcher to Coolidge dozens of times, enjoying the shade of the trees, the view of a river bathed in sunlight, listening to...

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