1. State Historic Park "Bowtie Parcel" - 2800 Casitas Ave.
Timur Bekbosunov

2. Left Bank: 2479 Fletcher Drive
Nadia Reed

3. Good Eggs: 2760 Clearwater St.
Margaret Gallagher
Charlotte Hildebrand
Jeffrey Hutchison + Ken Grinde
Sophia Winitsky
Stage 8 - Eydie McConnell, Forrest Hudes, Bjorn and Sun, 5 rhythms 

4. Michael Todd’s Studio: 2817 Clearwater St.
Michael Todd Sculptures and Paintings
Keisho Okayama
Kevin Flynn
Bill Royer
Gary Wood + Mia Doi Todd

5. Elysian & Clockshop
Food & cocktails

6. Cafecito Organico:2902 Gilroy Street
Ruckus Roots
River Wild

7. Mt. Washington Pottery: 2929 Gilroy Street
Beth Katz and Tomoyo Kasuda

8. The River Wild_End of Gilroy St.
Happier Camper Trailer Park
PediCab Hub
Arundo Project

9. Marsh Park2 – 2999 Rosanna St.
Play the LA River Premiere Events
Stage 5 - the Wulf and @PinDropParty (Music)

10. RACDB – 3048 N. Coolidge
Knotwork LA
Leo Limon
Mary-Austin Klein
Kathleen Klein Wakefield
Eric Staudenmaier
Jory Felice
Sonia Romero
Griffin & Leland Cortez
Stage 1 - I See Hawks, Jessica Fichot

11. Cactus Gallery 3001 N. Coolidge
Patricia Krebs
Frog Show

12. Treeline - 3001 N. Coolidge
Selina Becker
Stage 4 - Brenda Carsey, Siren/Section, Cadalack Ron, BUR GUR, HABITS, Giant Drag

13. 2945 Denby
Steve Seleska

14. Tracy A. Stone Architect – 2041 Blake Ave.
Rick Monzon
Diana Kohne
Studio Big Obvious
Grain Surfboards
DJ Mr. Wilson
Hula Hoop Contest

15. Elysian Valley Gateway Park – River End of Knox Ave
Padua Playwrights
Critical Mass Dance Company

16. NOMAD Art Compound – 1993 Blake Ave.
Bookshow LA
Damon Robinson

17. Corner of Newell and Blake
Janet Workman
Raul Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez
Lisa Wilson
Mickey Fielding
Stage2 - Vintage 45s

18. Elysian Valley United 2812 Newell
Community Tables
CD 13 Councilman Mitch O'Farrell
LA County Recorder - Voter Registration
Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council
Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch
LA River Expeditions
Ed Brostoff
Elysian Valley Recreation Center
LA Machine Art (River of Wings)
Friends of the LA River (FoLAR)

19. Frogspot – 2825 Benedict
Stage7 - Tone in Georgia
Vista Point
Fisticuffs at Dawn
Sticks and Sacks (Music)

20. Pat’s Woodworks – 1959 Blake Ave, Unit Q
Pat Bylard
Cedar Bylard
Natalie Fratino

21. Transcrete – 1945 Blake
Motorcycle show

22. 1944 Blake Ave
Oliver Nowlin

23. Framatic – 1921 Blake Ave.
Milton Jurado aka Maja Art at Gallery door 1
Suzanne Adelman and Keith Walsh in the Skinny Gallery
Stage 3 – Bill Koppelman, Maadwest, Steve Delameter, Stations of the Sun, Stone Soul Echoes, Terrodactyl

24. 1857 Blake Ave.
Bill Lagattuta

25. Blake Lofts - 1839 Blake Ave
Steve Graziani  - Loft 12
James Piatt – Loft 9

26. Elysian Valley Community Garden - 1816 Blake Ave @ Rich Street
Sandra Facho
Steve Craig
Carolyn Castano
Stage 6 Atwater Village ReStore Stage - David Steinhart Malady, John Lafayette Ramey, Everybody Get In Here, Andre Skyy, Anything


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