Sona Gevorkyan

Sona Gevorkyan is an architect who lives and works from her home studio in Frogtown. She is originally from Armenia but moved to the United States when she was 18. She received her master's degree from Southern California Institute of Architecture. Her diverse background empowers her multidisciplinary practice called SGAO.

By placing Hair | Blood | Flies into a new context: silk scarf / human neck, the aim is to induce a wide range of reactions – from intrigue to attraction. These matters connote to settings from one’s personal associations; even so, context can change perception. When someone is not indifferent the opposite could be repulsion (intense distaste, disgust), intrigue (curiosity, fascination), attraction (pleasure, desire) or a range in between. Shifting associations on the perception scale to move away from indifference and/ or repulsion is done strategically in each case: Hair is in a curled up shape that can be perceived as attractive; the formal language is similar to that of foliage that’s been seen on a scarf before, thus adding familiarity to a fairly unfamiliar context. Blood is abstracted and the color is exaggerated to focus on the intriguing and not the repulsive nature of it. Flies are arranged in a grid and thus distorted to cause interest/intrigue. Being the most repulsive of the three subjects, this arrangement of flies is never seen in natural settings.

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