Paul Shadi Sanbar

Head Creativity Launch Coach of super9solutions, llc, workshop designer/facilitator and performance poet, Paul Shadi Sanbar has over a decade of personal and professional development experience, initially as a humanistic psychotherapist and now as Professional Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation. Paul's believes that through powerful conversations about our humanness, we can align our values with our vision and step more fully into our creative desires. With powerful questions, we work to acknowledge and then befriend the shadowy parts of us that keeps us unsettled or uncertain. As we integrate, we become more secure in our artistic purpose; our Being. With this foundation solidifying, we then work to erect the scaffolding that provides stability and structure to that future place or artistic desire we’ve until now only dreamt of; the Doing. A secure foundation and a supportive scaffolding gives rise to momentum; resourceful habits are formed and creative breakthroughs seem possible. Your boundless passion now has a hopeful and helpful home; a non-judgmental sounding board to float your ideas and give meaning to your work.

Complimentary Creativity Laser Coaching sessions:Complimentary Creativity Laser Coaching sessions: 15-20 Minute 1-on-1 sessions to anyone interested in working through something that may be standing between themselves and their creative desires. Artist/Coach will provide: Sign, Small Table, 2-3 chairs and Sign-up sheet [approx: 6’x8’ max] >>The act of producing creativity is often a lonely journey filled with subjective and boundless possibilities and yet the words often attached to ideas, the inspiration of creative expression, involve external objects. We float ideas and bounce them off sounding boards. Fundamentally, for a solitary idea to come to life and flourish, it often needs another entity to not only contain it, but also give it meaning.

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