There will be parking at a series of parking lots along the route of the event (also connected by free shuttles).

Please be mindful of the limited street parking here in Elysian Valley and Please, Do Not Block Driveways.

1. Marsh Park 2 at 2999 Rosanna Street
2. Bimbo Parking Lot at 2655 Blimp Street
3. The Bowtie Parcel at 2780 W. Casitas Ave. Free shuttle buses will connect visitors from the parking lot to the event. 

There is also parking along Riverside Drive.

For transportation during the Artwalk:

1.  There will be free pedi-cabs along the River path from Fletcher to Eads St.
2.  Blake will be closed to traffic between Denby and Newell.
3.  Knox and Newell streets will be entirely closed to traffic between the river and Blake Ave starting at 3:15 pm.
4.  Parking is limited;, you're encourage to take Uber or Lyft, ride a bike or carpool.