Our new logo!

ftawlogo_16.pngCheck out our new logo, designed by Kristin Byrd through an effort led by Damien Robledo! "This year's Frogtown Artwalk logo celebrates the craft and the spirit of the handmade. The origami frog featured in the logo embraces the symbol of the neighborhood and exhibits it in an art form that is loved by both adults and children alike. In origami, technique, precision and creativity, come together to transform a flat sheet of paper into a three dimensional vision. The artisan culture alive in Frogtown shares the same vision and creativity. The bright colors reflected in the logo embody a community who's spirit is energetic, vibrant and creatively focused.” - Kristin Bryd, Architect and local resident

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  • Jerico Woggon
    commented 2016-07-14 12:12:43 -0700
    Great origami Frog!

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