Mimi Phan

Cindy 'Mimi' Phan is a multidisciplinary storyteller that has been recognized for her traditional and digital art. She was a former resident of Elysian Valley and a participant of the 2016 Frogtown Art Walk with her short documentary film "Our River" which was funded by the Elysian Valley Arts Collective. "Our River" focused on the residents of Elysian Valley's special relationship with the Los Angeles River, and has toured the Los Angeles County area, from the 2016 New Filmmakers Los Angeles Film Festival, the San Pedro Film Festival, and Through These Lenses: A Glimpse Into The Diverse Communities of Los Angeles.

For the 2018 Frogtown Art Walk, Mimi will be showing her installation Our Storm which examines the journey of her parent’s escape from Việt Nam to America in 1980 to their life now, and the implications being a refugee has had on their personal lives and relationships.

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