Milagro Flix

My Photography is the way I appreciate life the moments and beauty through me lens. I feel that I'm a witness to a chapter in our history. I like documenting historical places, people, events, etc. It's also therapeutic for me. I'm always feeling - watching for mood, the perceptions, color schemes, etc. I have recently started a series of conceptual images with vintage classic themes. My hometown is Los Angeles in fact Frogtown and proud of it! I moved in the early 90's about 20 miles east but still visit and walk the streets for my street photography.

I use a digital camera dslr, 35 mm camera and medium format rangefinder. For each image, I generally print 16x24 but will accept pretty much any print order up to poster size. I print lustre or satin paper and for galleries premium quality printed on archival fine art paper.

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