Michael Todd

Mike Todd was born in Omaha, NE, but was raised in Chicago. He went to Notre Dame for a Bachelors in Fine Arts, which led to a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship to study printmaking at UCLA. A Fulbright Scholarship took him to Paris for two years, where he made assemblages in wood and metal. He returned to the U.S., settling in New York City for five years, where he began exhibiting sculpture at the Whitney, the Jewish Museum and private galleries. A teaching position at UCSD brought him back to California for six years. After an exhibit at the San Diego Museum, he left teaching and moved to Los Angeles, where he has exhibited for many years. He has been in his present Frogtown studio for 34 years. He continues to make metal sculptures, ceramics and more recently an ongoing series of paintings. Color and shape are now his main concerns, in addition to his singer/songwriter daughter, Mia Doi Todd, and his granddaughter, 6 year old Ynez..

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