Marcelle Gravel


River of Wings (ROW) is comprised of kinetic, avian inspired sculptures, each one reimagined and personalized by members of the community. In the fall of 2014, the “flock” will be installed along a half mile section of the bike path of the L.A. River. Each perch will be equipped with a solar light, illuminating not only the visually stunning birds, but also the bike path transforming the space into a safe welcoming environment for cyclist, pedestrians, and families. Sprinkled throughout the installation of 60 birds, there will be 20 birds equipped with sculptural elements that create a sonic experience with music or sound activated by the visitors and the natural forces of winds, light, and heat.

As visitors traverse the space, they will activate the movement of the wings, read messages written by the community, create their own sonic imprint, and enjoy the diverse artwork of each bird. From afar, the dancing wings mesmerize Angelinos, tempting them to descend into the natural oasis where city-dwellers reconnect with the earth and their city. Up close, the flock of birds in flight will give the impression that you are soaring with the birds, giving Angelinos an invigorating sense of movement and freedom. Even driving by, the River of Wings will captivate your imagination and disrupt the ordinary making that moment extraordinary.

According to North American Natives, the Blue Heron, an icon of the LA River, brings messages of self- determination and self-reliance and represent an ability to progress and evolve. In sync with local and national efforts to restore the river to its natural state, ROW gives artists, students, and groups an opportunity to make their mark and give voice to their dreams and hopes for the LA River. Under each bird, will be a cutout attached with words chosen by each artist/group. These words root the experience in the sense of dialogue and personal impact.

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