My name is MAJA and I am a multi-media artist producing sculpture, Painting and furniture made from a variety of materials acquired from Recycle materials. From my echo park studio, I turn other People’s discards into works of beauty. I am fortunate to have loyal Collectors who have supported me since 1972. I refinish old furniture and carve reclaimed wood into sculpture and Then decorate them with jewelry, tree bark, gourds, shells and semiprecious stone to create a one of a kind mosaic. Although it seems hard to see that all this eclectic art comes just from Me, it all has a unifying theme and style. Since my childhood in Ecuador, I have always been inspired by the art of the Americans native Ancestors my art celebrates the life, land and animals that are iconic of their scarce culture. It is deeply rooted in the conscience of the human mind. All the pieces are for sale. Maja also takes Commissions for custom art, furniture and murals. I work with interior decorators and designers creating one of a kind designs for both private and public spaces. Come to the Frogtown Artwalk to see a fantastic array of MAJA art.

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