Frogtown Artwalk T-shirts and Bags

t-shirt.jpgNow available via Cactus Gallery (3001 N. Coolidge) or during the artwalk on August 13 at the EVAC info booth! You can purchase yours today HERE and pick up at Cactus Gallery during their open hours. 

Designed by Patricia Krebs, here's what she had to say: "Over the last couple of years of my coming and going to Cactus Gallery in Frogtown, I became familiar with the neighborhood. I walked the path along the river from Fletcher to Coolidge dozens of times, enjoying the shade of the trees, the view of a river bathed in sunlight, listening to the sound of the water, discovering strange birds, coming across people who'd say 'hi' to me as they passed by, appreciating the beautifully designed iron fences and cute little parks with mosaic sculptures, and witnessing the rapid development of new buildings. Every time, as I turned my back from the heavily transited avenue and passed through the gate to the river path, I felt I was entering another dimension.

When Sandra Mastroianni of Cactus Gallery, asked me to create a T-shirt image for the 10th anniversary of Frogtown Art Walk, I felt
honored and immediately realized this was a challenge since none of my previous representations had ever contained the imagery of frogs. But, I have a particular love for this area of town which was unfamiliar to me until I was invited to participate at Cactus Gallery's 'pod' show during the Art Walk of 2012. As time would have it, Frogtown is now home to the gallery that became home to my works almost a decade ago. So I set out to depict, in the most simple, fun, and cute way possible, my own version of the iconic frog combined with all the images I've collected in my mind and the feeling of celebration, creativity and community that emanates from my walks along the river en route to Frogtown."

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