Timur Bekbosunov


Vocalist Timur Bekbosunov will perform a capella songs and arias by Purcell, Britten, Donizetti, Ligeti, Rosenboom, Kozin and Prokofiev in English, Italian, Russian and Kazakh at the neglected roundhouse structure at the southern-most tip of the BowtieProject. We will meet on the Bowtie Project at the foot of The Unfinished at 5:30pm, where we will then walk together with CA State Parks Interpretive Specialist Luis Rincon through a short nature walk along the river to the graffiti scrawled walls and stellar acoustics of the roundhouse.

Performance to begin apprx. 6:15pm.  The performance will take place in the State Historic Park "Bowtie Parcel" across the river at 2800 Casitas Ave.

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George Clingerman




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Padua Playwrights


ARTWALK LOCATION: Elysian Valley Gateway Park (2900 Block of Knox Ave, at the L.A. River Greenway Trail)  4:30 & 6:30 pm


Four new plays plus movement and music will be performed around the grounds of the Elysian Valley Gateway “Pocket” Park in Frog Town, adjacent to the L.A. River.  This engaging outdoor event will offer site specific original works by Sissy Boyd, Hank Bunker, Sharon Yablon, Cheryl Slean, and Guy Zimmerman.  A company of first rate actors, dancers and musicians will bring raw energy and vibrant language together with humor and heartfelt emotion to help celebrate the arts in Frog Town. 

PLAYS AT POCKET PARK is a pilot project of the Site Specific Sustainability Series (S4), a series of original plays and performances sited at provocative natural and built envinroments around Southern California, to help spark community interest and engagement in the promise of a sustainable future.

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Opera Del Espacio


Performing throughout the artwalk

"Opera del Espacio began as a collective of performing artists and designers focused on site-specific work in order to reveal new possibilities in public spaces by physically responding to the environment. Using Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, we begin with the architectural definitions of the space and then incorporate the symbolic, associative and emotional responses to the space. Purposely brought to the community to create a live and interactive experience, our goal has been to challenge our audiences to reevaluate the way they view the world around them. "

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Play the LA River - Marsh Park (Phase 2) 2999 Rosanna St.

Come one, come all as we launch 51 miles & 51 weeks of play on the mighty LA River!

Join Project 51 as we unveil the free Play the LA River card deck, a game of urban exploration that presents 56 unique places to play on a river running through the heart of LA & 17 other cities! This public launch will showcase performances, art, games, hands-on nature play & more--previewing the events you can look forward to, share in & plan yourself in the coming 51 weeks.

Play the LA River is presented by Project 51, a collective of river-loving artists, designers, planners, writers & educators. playthelariver.com

Schedule of Events

4 pm - 6 pm:

  • Plein Air Painting Workshop - Cole James in collaboration with artworxLA

4 pm - 7 pm:

  • BIRD[th]ING (Performance Art) - Mariel Carranza
  • Typewriters Anonymous (writing & performance) - The Poetry Society of Los Angeles
  • Twistianopolis 500 (a souped-up 20' Twister game) - Wise Guy Events
  • Discover Nature of the River - Natural History Museum Coordinator Miguel Ordenana
  • Balloon Mapping - Lila Higgins, Kat Superfisky, Maria LaMadrid & Ken Grinde
  • Play Mapping the LA River (interactive event) - Lila Higgins
  • Play the LA River (lawn and board games galore) - Play the LA River partners
  • Nature Play (games) - Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority
  • Expert Information - Joe Linton

5:45 - 6:30pm: Rebecca Hernandez Dance Company– 

  • 5:45 pm: "Memorias de un No Abrazo".  This piece premiered on April of this year at the dance forum Performatica in Mexico. It was also performed at the Hammer Museum for Made in LA under James Kidd Studio
  • 6:00 pm: "ABSORBED".  A site-specific choreographic piece that deals with the constant tension caused when trying to find stability where conflict exists.

7 pm - 8 pm

  • Community Dance Class - Marina Magalhães

7 pm - 9:30 pm

  • Night Lighting for River Bugs - Natural History Museum Entomology Curatorial Assistant Emily Hartop
  • Roving Bat Detecting - Natural History Museum's Citizen Science Coordinator, Miguel Ordenana

8 pm - 9:45 pm

  • @PinDropParty (anonymous renegade party) - DJ


  • Evening Campfire - Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority



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Critical Mass Dance Company


ARTWALK LOCATION:  Elysian Valley Gateway Park (2900 Block of Knox Ave, at the L.A. River Greenway Trail)

A blacklight dance theater company committed to catalyzing community health, personal growth and social/environmental justice in Los Angeles!

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Chalkwalk - 1839 Blake Ave.

4pm - 9pm The Chalkwalk is Back!!!  Grab some chalk and express yourself.

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Hula Hoop Contest - 2041 Blake Ave

Hiphoops will be leading a hula hoop competition.

Hooping starts at 5pm and competition starts at 6:30pm

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