David Steinhart


Stage 6 - Elysian Valley Community Garden - 1816 Blake Ave @ Rich Street

6:00pm - 6:45pm

I love pop. I love melodies. I don't want to hear about your child abuse. So thank Christ for David Steinhart, who makes great pop, not crap-radio pop. Remember great pop? Lulling melodies, dulcet voices sans sweetening? "Clean" is just what it claims to be, stripped-down, thoughtful pop that never gets coy. When he sings "This is just a sad love song," he's backed by an optimistic Burt Bacharach-style vibraphone that belies his claim. Steinhart's sensitive-guy approach and his experiences on both ends of breakups give you songs to identiy with no matter where you are in your love life. If you're wondering what happened to Steinhart's last band, Smart Brown Handbag, he explains it on the short 'n' sweet opening track, whose chorus goes, "Not so smart arter all." But it's devoid of bitterness; in fact, the whole CD resonates with the feeling you get when you get over someone faster than you expected to.  Ruth Reynolds/Glue Magazine

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