Clare Hebert

Clare Hebert currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Hebert studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts, as well as the San Francisco Art Institute, both in San Francisco. An early interest in ancient and sacred art led to further exploration of the goldleaf tradition. Hebert works on wood panels, carving first an image, and then layering acrylic or oils.

These works depict the world in different dimensions of reality. I suggest windows, which serve as portals, or possibly as an exit out of the work, into the unknown. A space could be inviting or repelling, such as the daily news, or the rooms of one's mind. One scrolls through hundreds of images and text each week, and what is important enough to hold one's gaze for a minute longer? Whether an image of beauty or grace, of nightmare or war, of sacredness or banality of life, what is of worth to carry into the next dimension...

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