Bob and Janet

Today is the ArtWalk!!!  

All the hard work, coordination and planning will come together today and present a beautiful evening.

There are many people who have worked very hard each year to make this event happen.  But, there is one person here in Frogtown /  Elysian Valley without whose help, encouragement, ingenuity and enthusiasm, the Artwalk(s) could not happen.

Bob Berg is indefatigable.  He will work you into the ground....and always with a smile.  He is always available to help and will step in where many would not.  Beyond being sponsors of the Artwalk, Bob and his lovely wife, trusty sidekick, Janet Workman, are integral to making this event happen, year after year.

So, look for Bob this evening in his ever expanding role of Photographic Chronicler of the Artwalk.  He will be the one riding the custom Frogtown PhotoBomb Buggy!!!!!


Thanks, Bob and Janet (Janet is the purple blouse.)

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