August 8th Update

Opera del Espacio ( will be performing throughout the event....."Opera del Espacio began as a collective of performing artists and designers focused on site-specific work in order to reveal new possibilities in public spaces by physically responding to the environment. Using Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, we begin with the architectural definitions of the space and then incorporate the symbolic, associative and emotional responses to the space. Purposely brought to the community to create a live and interactive experience, our goal has been to challenge our audiences to reevaluate the way they view the world around them."

 The Padua Playwrights ( will be performing in the Elysian Valley Gateway Park at the end of Knox Ave. along the river.

Project 51 is programming a whole group of activities at the new Marsh Park.  These will include a live typing/poetry performance by "The Poetry Society", the Rebecca Hernandez Dance Co., and a performance art piece by Mariel Perreira.

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