Arturo Mallmann

A vast imaginary landscape with one or more figures in the distance, wondering about their existence, has been a recurrent subject matter in my work. I have now introduced new types of images that are more inspired in contemporary life instead of being inspired by deep existential matters. In those images, depth is not as relevant but it still plays a very important role. In both the traditional work and the new work I use the same technique that I have been experimenting with for many years. This technique consist in applying innumerable coats of translucent acrylic paint between coats of varnish and epoxi resin. Sanding before applying the resin, together with the translucency of the paint, allows the layers that are underneath to show up and interact with the new ones. In many of the pieces, the eyes of the viewer, together with the eyes of the figures, are interrupted by a thick, foggy atmosphere that prevents them to see much further. A foggy atmosphere where we wonder around and are never able to trespass. In the new work, it is the characters or the shapes themselves the ones that are elusive and refuse to reveal their mysteries. To me that thick foggy atmosphere, as well as the elusive shapes and persons, represent the barrier beyond which lie the answers to those questions that we so frequently pose to ourselves and to the universe. Questions about our unknown origins and the meaning of our existence.

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