Oliver Nowlin

Location: Teo's, 1944 Blake Ave.

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Barbara, The Wander Woman

Location: #2 - Left Bank, 2479 Fletcher Dr.


Stories from the road, told from the heart

Barbara_Doux_The_Wander_Woman-01.png Barbara_Doux-02.png

Barbara was born in France in 1981. After more than a decade working in London as an art director and photographer, she ditched everything to travel the world. Making pictures of strangers is the foundational core of her mission. She sees in the eyes of her subjects an openness to the connection being made, a familial bond that is stronger than difference or division. She shares her adventures through photographs, videos and extracts from her diary. 

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Grove Pashley - Photography

Location: FSY (2902 Knox Avenue)



Photography, silver gelatin sepia prints

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Jennifer Gilman

Location: 2828 Newell Street



Live Sawdust drawings

I am using drawing as a way of inhabiting space, and space as a way of inhabiting drawing. These drawings are created at 1:1 scale, the body occupying the building and the drawing simultaneously. I work with a continual responsiveness to the room, its shape, its character, its detail, the changing light, the redness and texture of the sawdust, the sound and feel of the rope and broom, and the marks they leave. Making and re-making, adjusting, transforming, the drawing continues to evolve over the course of the installation.

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Zohn Mandel

Location: River House, 2970 Ripple Pl.




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Piece by Piece - Recycled art

Location: La Mas (3051 N. Coolidge)




Piece by Piece workshops create learning communities that foster connection and improved quality of life, offer advancement, and promote achievement of each person to his or her highest potential. While arts programming exists everywhere in Los Angeles, none is for the purpose of leveraging opportunity for the city’s most vulnerable. Workshops, taught by professional artists, and materials, with an emphasis on recycled items, are provided free of charge. Participants receive a significant portion of the proceeds from the sales of their work.

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Lady Aquamarine - Tarot Readings

Location: La Mas (3051 N. Coolidge)



Lady Aquamarine's Tarot Readings

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Alisa Newhouse / Smith - Painting

Location: Nomad (1993 Blake Avenue)


Landscapes; oil paint, canvas, contemplative, strong, rough, smooth, abstract

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Weba Garretson - Music and Projection

Location: Spoke (3050 N. Coolidge)



Music with projection

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Maja Jurado - Sculpture

Location: River House, 2970 Ripple Pl.




New American Indigenous Art: City escapes of Los Angeles, animal sculpture of native American animals with recycled materials.

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