2016 Venues

Frogtown Artwalk 2016
(North to South)

1. Bowtie Parcel – 2800 Casitas Ave.
Art: Current LA: Mei Chin installation
Parking lot and shuttle terminus

2. Left Bank – 2479 Fletcher Dr.
Artist: Barbara Doux

Salazar - 2490 Fletcher Dr.

3. Michael Todd Studio - 2817 Clearwater St.
Artist: Michael Todd Ceramics

elysian - 1806 Clearwater

4. The Erin Hansen Gallery – 2732 Gilroy
Artist: Erin Hansen

5. LA River Cafe (pop-up) - 2902 Gilroy
Artist: Live mural by Ariel Vegez
Food: Cafecito Organico & Bavette

6. Frogtown Brewery – 2931 Gilroy St.
Artists: Andrea Bogdan, Brooke Kent

7. SJM Fine Art – 2934 Gilroy St.
Artist: Stacie Jaye Meyer

8. Riverhouse – Ripple and the River Path
Artists: Maja Jurado. Elaine Hughes, Kristen Wright, Diana Kohne, Zohn Mandel
Music: The Velopheliacs

Marsh Park 2 - 2999 Rosanna
Parking Lot, Food & Restrooms
Music: Artwalk Stage

9. Creative Campus – 2990 Allesandroa
Artist: Grant Davis
Event: Pin Drop Party - Mobile DJ shopping cart

10. LA Mas – 3051 N. Coolidge
Art vendors: Frogtown Love, Piece by Piece
Event: Lady Aquamarine’s Tarot Readings
Food: Sweet Beginnings

11. Spoke Bicycle Café – 3050 N. Coolidge
Artist: Kellie Cracker, Marsha Perloff
Music: Weba Garretson

12. RAC Design Build – 3048 N. Coolidge
Artists: Kathleen Klein Wakefield, Mary-Austin Klein, TAG-LA, Linda Trembly
Food: Aquas Frescas by POD

13. Cactus Gallery – 3001 N. Coolidge
Art Show: “Water”, Joe Alvarez

Dara Ettinger Gallery - 3001 N. Coolidge
Artist: Roger O'Leary-Archer

14. Course Studio - 2940 Denby
Artist: Coarse Life: Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk, Marnika Weiss

15. 2945 Denby
Artist: Steve Seleska

16. La Fabrica Makes - 2918 Denby
Artists: Luis Ixta, Kami Hadidian, Oscar Corletto

17. Tracy A. Stone Architect – 2041 Blake Ave.
Art Show: “Inside out, Outside In” (Merrick Morton and EV kids)
Music: DJ Jason LaFourche

Knox “Elysian Valley Gateway Park” – Knox and the River
Event: Happier Camper Trailer Park, FOLAR River Rover

18. Colin Dusenbury and FSY Architects – 2902 Knox Ave.
Artists: Mickey Fielding, Marissa Montellano in FSY courtyard, Grove Pashley
Event: Hula Hoop Contest
Food: Wax Paper

19. Elysian Valley United – 2812 Newell
Events: “The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema” (3 films), KEVU Live Streaming radio broadcast evusc.com, River Rover, EVAC/Frogtown Artwalk Information Booth and Community Tables

20. 2828 Newell St.
Artist: Jennifer Gilman

21. 2808 Newell St.
Artist: Liv Aarnud, Photo exhibit by kids in the neighborhood "Growing up in Elysian Valley"
Music: Mataji Booker
Event: Screening – Roots by Renee Rodriguez

22. NOMAD – 1993 Blake Ave.
Art: Vic Fong, Alyssa Newhouse-Smith, Alexis Garcia
Music: Maadwest

Food: Tacos Kevin – Newell and Blake

23. 1994 Blake Ave
Artists: Raul Rodriguez, Chris Rodriguez, Lisa Wilson

Parking lot - 1989 Blake Ave
Event: Elysian Valley Film Screening

24. Frogspot – 2825 Benedict St.
Event: Honors Ceremony at 6:00 pm
Music - Artwalk Stage

25. Pat’s Woodworks – 1959 Blake Ave. Unit Q
Artist: Pat Bylard Drums

26. 1944 Blake Ave.
Artist: Ricky Dominguez, Oliver Nowlin

27. Framatic – 1921 Blake Ave.
Artist: Julie Markfield

Oso Studios - 1857 Blake Ave.Artist: Bill Lagattuta

28. Blake Ave. Lofts – 1839 Blake Ave.
Artist: Steve Graziani (Loft 12)
Artist: Dimitri Newman (Loft 6)
Event: Kids Chalkwalk

29. EV Community Garden – 1816 Blake Ave.
Artists: Pasadena Society of Art
Music - Artwalk Stage

30. Klub Gymnastics – 1683 Blake Ave.
Artists: Sarah Polzin

In Addition: along the river path:
(7) illuminated installations by:
Projected Visions (under the 2 freeway overpass)
Elaine Weissman and Tim Durfee (behind 1801 Blake Ave)
Cynthia Minet (#30, behind 1753 Blake Ave at River)
Jerico Woggon (behind United Metal – 1929 Blake)
David Howe/Light Riders (end of Newell at River Path)
Victor Balogh (River House - 2970 Ripple Place)
Steve Appleton (RAC)