2016 Music

This year, you'll find three official stages and musicians sprinkled throughout the Artwalk at various venues! Stay tuned for more updates.

Elysian Valley Community Garden: 1816 Blake Ave.

6PM - Cuz'n Roy

7PM - Jeremiah and the Red Eyes

8PM - Highlife Cajun Band

9PM - Billy Kay & Friends


Marsh Park 2 (in the open air pavilion): 2999 Rosanna St.

4PM - DJ BamBOOM (and in between acts until 7:30PM)

5PM - Movement Art Space

6PM - The Stone Soul Echoes

7PM - Shake & Pop

8PM - Stations of the Sun

9PM - NK Riot


Frogspot: 2825 Benedict St.

4PM - Honeychain

5PM - Surprise Inside

6PM - Awards Ceremony - Lewis MacAdams & Mitch O’Farrell

6:30PM - Special C

7:30PM - Evangenitals

8:30PM - Will and the Wont’s

9:30PM - William Pilgrim & The All Grown Ups

10:30PM - Tone in Georgia

11:30PM - DJ


River House: 2970 Ripple Place

5:30-7:30PM - The Velopheliacs (acoustic set)


NOMAD: 1993 Blake




Pindrop Party


Gallery Frogtown: 2808 Newell

Mataji Booker


2853 Knox Ave.

Music playing continuously - programmed by Daniel Casas


Spoke Bicycle Cafe: 3050 N. Coolidge

Weba Garrettson