2016 Events






"The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema"

Three films, approximately two hours each EV United 2812 Newell
Live Streaming Broadcast - on an internet-based radio station, KEVU. The plan is to interview participants, attendees, local personalities, etc. It will be accessed through Elysian Valley United’s website, evucsc.com

Continuous (4pm-10pm) EV United 2812 Newell
Movie Screening: 2 short documentaries on life in Elysian Valley

8pm-10pm EVAC 1989 Blake
Awards Ceremony honoring Lewis MacAdams and thanking Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell

6pm-6:30pm Frogspot 2825 Benedict
Happier Camper "camp-out" and comfort station

Continuous (4pm-10pm) Elysian Valley Gateway Park End of Knox
Mobile DJ shopping Cart

Continuous (4pm-10pm) Creative Campus 2990 Allessandro
Lady Aquamarine's Tarot Card Reading

Continuous (4pm-10pm) La MAS 3051 N. Coolidge
Hula Hoop Contest

6:30pm-8pm FSY 2902 Knox Ave Suite 200
Chalk Walk

Continuous (4pm-10pm) Blake Lofts 1839 Blake Ave
Mash-up Dance Performance

On the hour and half hour from 4pm-10pm    
38’ Mobile Visitor and Education Center that travels the streets and freeways bringing the River to the people.
The River Rover is designed to educate the curious of all ages – to take visitors through a tour of the River’s past, present and future. Guests learn about the LA River watershed at an interactive watershed table, touch beaver and coyote pelts, listen to the song of the Least Bell’s Vireo, and design the River as they want to see in the future

Continuous (4pm-10pm) River Rover End of Knox Ave






Tim Durfee, Monica Nouwens, LA River Public Art Project Illuminated foliage in River Lighting, installation, photography

#30 Behind 1801 Blake Ave

Projected Visions: Ryan Patrick Griffen Live projection painting and music

Adjacent to 2 freeway overpass

Jerico Woggon Tribute to The Los Angeles River in Honor of Lewis MacAdams

Behind 1925 Blake Ave

Cynthia Minet Lighted bull

Behind 1753 Blake Ave

Light Riders:David Howe Audience interactive lighted balloons

End of Newell

Victor Balogh L.A. River cats memorial

River house - 2970 Ripple Place