2016 Festival Information

Things to know about the 10th Frogtown Artwalk on Saturday, August 13 from 4-10pm:

1.  This year's Artwalk is an official part of CURRENT:LA Water, the first public Art biennial in Los Angeles.  Start with a visit to Carmina Escobar's performance: FUENTES / This Nature of Ours at the Bowtie Parcel, and while you are there take a look at Mel Chin's piece, The Tie That Binds before hopping a free shuttle to the Artwalk.
2.  There will be a 6:00 awards ceremony honoring Lewis MacAdams (founder of the Friends of the Los Angeles River) and CD 13 Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell at the Frogspot
3. The event will stretch from Fletcher St to Eads (1.3 miles along the LA River). The Bowtie Parcel across the river will also host events.
4. The Artwalk will have more than 30 venues showing art. Each venue will be identified with a number that is shown on the map. The venue identification numbers are being designed by LA Mas.
5. There are 3 official Artwalk stages with music: Marsh Park 2, Frogspot, and the Elysian Valley Community Garden at Rich Street.
6. The EVAC has sponsored 6 illuminated art installations along the LA River Path to encourage the use of the path as the primary circulation route for the event.
7. Pick up a full color printed program with information on all the venues, artists, music and events at the Artwalk.